Welcome to RabbitHoleCreatures e.U.

We firmly believe that Bitcoin will play a significant monetary and societal role in the future. Contrasting the fiat world’s preference for having over being, Bitcoin stands as a symbol of fairness, independence, freedom and the serenity of a low time preference.

As convinced representatives of this philosophy, we strive to offer high-quality products that cater to the needs of Bitcoiners. We hope our designs bring added value to many, because we see this shop as a tribute to the diversity and originality of the Bitcoin space.

Sustainability has evolved from a natural economic matter of course to a fashionable buzzword for those who may not truly grasp the actual issues. In times of junk economy and hysterical consumption, we opt for rationality. Our products are crafted only when you order them. This way we help conserving resources and protecting the environment. Consider the slightly longer delivery time a test of your low time preference!

If you appreciate our offerings you will likely recommend us. If not, feel free to rant – just make sure you spell our name right.

And now, step into the world of RabbitHoleCreatures and let our goods inspire you, because all goods are services.

Bitcoin is an idea that can likely change the world. We are here to celebrate this idea, sometimes with profound seriousness, sometimes with a smile, a smirk, a wink - always with ‘good vibes.’

Thank you for joining us on this journey.

ChriSp, RabbitHoleCreatures e.U.